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January 15, 2016: Mecaphesa celer hunting a skipper

Large abdomen for this female. Carrying eggs?

jan 15 0038 female misumenops celer pregnant

Mecaphesa celer and a skipper for dinner

jan 15 0051 misumenops celer skipper

Female crab spider and dinner

jan 15 0052 female crab skipper

Male Mecaphesa celer

jan 15 0054 male misumenops celer

Female Mecaphesa cler stalking a skipper

jan 15 0067 skipper misumenopes celer hunting

oops - the skipper left

jan 15 0082 crab hunting

Large abdomen

jan 15 2015 0036 female misumenops celer

In the attack position

jan 18 0074 misumenops celer no dinner

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