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January 03, 2016: Mom raccoon and blue heron

For the past 3 days - mom has departed from her 10 minute appearance after I arrive - today, I waited 45 minutes, but her home must be close because I am varying the time I arrive. Here she is arriving

jan 03 4015 raccoon coming to breakfast

Taking food in her paws and eating

jan 03 4018 holding breakfast

Washing her brekfast

jan 03 4020 washing food

Looking at me

jan 03 4033 looking at me

An approaching jogger spooks her

jan 03 4039 disturbed

Washing her front feet

jan 03 4041 washing breakfast

Kind of messy - turns over her water bowl

jan 03 4049 messy eating

I removed the bowls and she returned to look for leftovers

jan 03 4055 looking for leftovers

Snooping for leftovers

jan 03 4057 leftovers looking

Looking at me (about 2 meters from her)

jan 03 4062 looking at me

Walking back to the car - a blue heron

jan 03 4070 blue heron

Water ripples projected on her feathers

jan 03 4071 blue heron

Two ducks and reflections

jan 03 4080 two ducks

Two ducks and reflections

jan 03 4084 two ducks

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