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January 03, 2015: Lower Pierce Nature Trail - in search of scorpions

Larry and I were off to Lower Pierce to look for scorpions and spiders - an unknown male spider. The embolus injectors attached to the male palps suggest this is a male Nephila - but where is her web? Perhaps he escaped from her after mating?

jan 03 3092 red male

Scorpion molt

jan 03 3103 scoropion molt

Stick insect

jan 03 3107 stick insect

Tree Scorpion

jan 03 3111 tree scorpion

Boardwalk scorpion - in UV light

jan 03 3120 boardwalk scorpion

Boardwalk scorpion - in UV light

jan 03 3133 boardwalk scorpion

Orange spider

jan 03 3139 orange spider

Daddy Longlegs

jan 03 3156 dady longlegs

Face of Daddy Longlegs

jan 03 3157 daddy longlegs

Dorsal view

jan 03 3161 daddy longlegs huntsmen

Huge ant

jan 03 3170 huge ant

Giant ant jaws

jan 03 3177 giant ant jaws

Giant ant jaws

jan 03 3178 giant ant face

Boardwalk Scorpion

jan 03 3183 boardwalk scorpion

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