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January 03, 2015: Queensway Sec School: Oxyopes covering her eggs with a silk blanket

A very productive morning. I found Oxyopes who was covering her eggs with a silk blanket. Tried a few closups of the extrustion and a video. Focus problems with the video - but you get the general idea.

But think about this behavior. How is the egg laying behavior programmed in her small small network of neurons - or does the programming come from some other structure. Amazingly complex for a small small spider

Extruding a ribbon of silk from her spinnerets

jan 02 3047 oxyopes extruding blanket

Interesting cricket - or something similar

jan 03 2895 cricket

This Oriental Whip Snake Ahaetulla - sleeping in a Melastoma bush

jan 03 2910 oriental whip snake Ahaetulla

Whip snake face

jan 03 2912 Ahaetulla oriental whip snake face

Male Oxyopes

jan 03 2919 male oxyopes

White moth

jan 03 2923 white moth


jan 03 2926 moth

White moth

jan 03 2932 white moth

White moth

jan 03 2934 white moth

White moth

jan 03 2937 white moth


jan 03 2948 neoscona

Oxyopes with a moth breakfast

jan 03 2953 oxyopes moth


jan 03 2975 dragonfly

Eyes of a dragonfly

jan 03 2978 dragonfly eyes

Mom Oxyopes and freshly hatched babies

jan 03 2980 mom oxyopes babies

Female Argiope aemula

jan 03 2988 female argiope aemula

Male Argiope aemula

jan 03 2990 male argiope aemula

Extruding a silk blanket

jan 03 2999 extruding silk blanket

Extrusion from spinnerets

jan 03 2999 female oxyopes extruding blanket


jan 03 3050 oxyopes mom extracting

A ribbon of silk

jan 03 3050 oxyopes ribbon extraction

Extruding silk blanket

jan 03 3055 extruding silk blanket

Thomisus guangxicus

jan 03 3076 thomisus gangxicus

Cyrtophora and eggs

jan 03 3081 cyrtophora eggs

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