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January 01, 2015: Queensway Sec School on New Year's Dawn

Oxyopes guarding her eggs

jan 01 2686 oxyopes guarding

Oxyopes guarding

jan 01 2692 oxyopes guarding

Orange eyes

jan 01 2698 orange eyes


jan 01 2701 skipper

Oxyopes guarding

jan 01 2709 oxyopes guarding eggs

Liprocea fusiformis

jan 01 2720 liprocea fusiformis

White banded ants

jan 01 2732 melastoma beetle banded ants

Another Oxyopes guarding eggs hidden in the bind of a grass leaf

jan 01 2738 oxyopes guarding eggs

Oxyopes guarding

jan 01 2740 Oxyopes eggs

Oxyopes with breakfast - perhaps Liprocea

jan 01 2751 oxyopes liprocea dorsal

Oxyopes with breakfast - perhaps Liprocea

jan 01 2753 oxyopes eating liprocea

Oxyopes feasting on Liprocea fusiformis

jan 01 2755 Oxyopes feasting on Liprocea

Female Argiope aemula

jan 01 2759 female argiope

Male Argiope aemula

jan 01 2764 male argiope

Interesting moth-like insect

jan 01 2776 moth

Female Argiope aemula

jan 01 2780 female argiope

Male Argiope aemula lurking in the corner of her web

jan 01 2784 male argiope

Relative location of male, upper left and female, lower right

jan 01 2791 male female argiope

Blue dragonfly

jan 01 2803 dragonfly

Yet another female Oxyopes

jan 01 2805 oxyopes grass

Leucauge and her horizontal web

jan 01 2806 leucauge

Mom Oxyopes guarding her eggs. Its quite convenient to find her guarding. She is quite stationary and perfect for photography and precise focus

jan 01 2815 female oxyopes guarding

Liprocea fusiformis

jan 01 2817 liprocea fusiformis sleeping

Asystasia gangetica

jan 01 2821 asystasia gangatica

Cricket eggs

jan 01 2828 cricket eggs

Juvenile cricket

jan 01 2833 juvenile cricket

Jumper (Salticidae) hiding in a tree

jan 01 2835 tree jumper

Beeter view of the tree jumper

jan 01 2842 salticidae

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