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February 17, 2016: Mom (Bebe) returns with the kids for breakfast

My Camera setup - Cree bicycle light mounted on top of the flash

feb 18 297 camera setup

Here is the family ordering breakfast

feb 18 5821 approaching ordering breakfast

Here is my setting up breakfast

Yesterday's trip to Duke didn't happen. My flight was cancelled and alternatives got me to Chapel Hill (Josh's home) at...

Posted by Frank Starmer on Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lined up and eating with good manners

feb 18 5825 breakfast


feb 18 5832 eating


feb 18 5835 eating

One of the kids washing

feb 18 5840 baby washing

Mom washing her food

feb 18 5846 mom washing

Video of mom washing her food and her hands

Something about raccoon behavior fascinates me. Here is mom, washing her food and kids sort of watching and munching.

Posted by Frank Starmer on Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mom washing breakfast

feb 18 5848 mom washing breakfast

Mom soaking her hands

feb 18 5850 mom washing hands

Mom and baby washing

feb 18 5852 mom baby washing breakfast

Mom washing hands

feb 18 5855 mom washing

After eating - debris

feb 18 5885 breakfast debris

After my cleanup and dish washing

feb 18 5888 after breakfast cleanup

Sunrise colors - with a duck swimming in the warm reflected light

feb 18 5898 sunrise colors duck

Sunrise, blue heron and duck

feb 18 5904 sunrise heron duck

Morning heron

feb 18 5913 morning heron

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