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February 17, 2016: Mom (Bebe) returns with the kids for breakfast

Before she and the kids appear

feb 17 5749 before setup approach

I sit down and wait - maybe 5 minutes and here she and the kids arrive for breakfast. I've added a short segment of her departure after eating breakfast.

Bebe appeared with all 4 kids this morning. They ate like there was no tomorrow (I go to Duke tomorrow to celebrate 50...

Posted by Frank Starmer on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mom and 4 kids

feb 17 5751 mom 4 kids

My setup and the fog

feb 17 7290 setup fog

family enjoying breakfast

feb 17 5759 enjoying breakfast

From my phone - sitting next to them

This is a video from my phone - as I was sitting next to them. You can hear the crunching sounds of their eating and hopefully enjoying

Posted by Frank Starmer on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Kids enjoying breakfast

feb 17 5766 kids enjoying

A family meal

feb 17 5779 family meal

After breakfast - all have returned to the forest

feb 17 5782 after breakfast

Foggy Heron

feb 17 5786 foggy heron


feb 17 5801 heron fog takeoff


feb 17 5802 foggy heron takeoff

Flying into the fog

feb 17 5803 flying into fog

Foggy heron

feb 17 5810 heron fog

Foggy heron

feb 17 5811 heron fog

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