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February 15, 2016: Mom (Bebe) returns (alone) for breakfast

A blue heron as I walked to the forest

feb 15 5625 blue heron

My reference photo - nothing happening

feb 15 5623 before setup

Bebe appeared around the tree on the right, ordered breakfast and retreated to the forest

feb 15 5628 ordering breakfast

I set it up for her and she returned from the forest

Bebe's back but without the kids. Wonder if all will appear tomorrow? Here she comes as I set up her breakfast table. She seems a bit anxious to eat - I suspect encouraging me to hurry up with all the preparation. I dutifully obey. (The blue bowl was just in case the kids showed up - but they did not)

Posted by Frank Starmer on Monday, February 15, 2016

She spilled her bowl of breakfast and here is looking for tasty treats on the ground

feb 15 5631 looking for spilled breakfast

Reaching for breakfast

feb 15 5633 reaching

Always alert for strangers and dogs

feb 15 5640 alert


feb 15 5645 searching

Looking at me

feb 15 5650 looking at me

a balancing act

feb 15 5658 balancing act

Something disturbed her

feb 15 5675 disturbed

Looking for leftovers

feb 15 5684 looking for leftovers

Looking at a passing jogger

feb 15 5700 looking at jogger

Looking for leftovers

feb 15 5703 looking for leftovers

Breakfast is all gone

feb 15 5711 breakfast all gone

my setup: Camera, flash, Cree light and folding chair

feb 15 7199 setup with bebe

Sunrise reflections on the back of my camera

feb 15 7204 sunrise reflections on camera

My comfy chair

feb 15 7209 comfy chair for waiting

Sunrise reflections on the lake

feb 15 7208 sunrise reflections

Blue heron as I walked back to the car

feb 15 5715 blue heron morning

Blue heron with a duck

feb 15 5720 duck heron

morning duck

feb 15 5721 morning duck

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