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February 11, 2016: Mom (Bebe) returns with the 4 kids for breakfast

Surprise - Mom (Bebe) and the 4 kids appeared for breakfast. I tried to feed them a donut hole from my hand, but they were not interested. But they did eat them from the bowl.

Before setup

feb 11 5519 before setup

Setting up and kids enjoying donut holes

Its cold - 3C (36F) and since Bebe ate yesterday I did not expect her this morning. A strong reason to sleep a bit more. However, observations science triumphed and I braved the cold and went to the forest. I set up and while setting up - she appeared - with all 4 kids. Her you see me setting up and placing donut holes in each dish. Susan, the small female raccoon, grabbed one and retreated - got some closeups of her enjoying Sambath's and Judy's donut holes from Hole In One Donuts. Fun way to start the day

Posted by Frank Starmer on Thursday, February 11, 2016

3 kids eating breakfast. Susan, (baby girl) enjoying a donut hole in the background

feb 11 5523 3 kids

Mom, 3 boys eating with Susan (baby girl) in the background enjoying a donut hole

feb 11 5526 mom 3 boys susan donut hole

Mom, 2 boys eating with Susan (baby girl) in the background enjoying a donut hole

feb 11 5527 mom 2 boys susan background donut hole

Large dog passed by and one baby in retreat

feb 11 5529 dog scare

Susan stayed for more eating - the boys and mom left after the dog scare

feb 11 5530 susan eating

Susan clapping - appreciation for breakfast

feb 11 5531 susan clapping

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