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February 10, 2016: Mom (Bebe) comes alone this morning

A Context

feb 10 5425 context

Approaching me for breakfast while I set up my camera

feb 10 5427 approaching me

Camera setup

feb 10 7094 camera setup

Video of my setting breakfast and her approaching

Cold today (8C) After her 4 day diet, mom appeared this morning without her kids. She enjoyed a nice breakfast. She is a bit shy- but friendly. Each time she appears is a fun time - observing the variations in her behavior.

Posted by Frank Starmer on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Washing her hands

feb 10 5434 washing hands


feb 10 5435 eating

Holding breakfast

feb 10 5444 holding breakfast


feb 10 5447 looking

A look of concern

feb 10 5458 looking

Looking with legs crossed

feb 10 5467 looking crossed legs

More looking

feb 10 5469 looking

Looking for leftovers

feb 10 5497 looking for leftovers

Morning reflections at dawn

feb 10 5501 morning reflections

Morning ducks

feb 10 5509 morning ducks


feb 10 5516 sunrise

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