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February 05, 2016: Mom (Bebe) and kids were waiting for me - the 4th is shy and hiding in their old tree home. The 4th is also smaller than the other three - I'm assuming a little girl watching her weight. They seem to enjoy donut holes

Waiting for me - Mom and four kids

The setup - with two kids eating

feb 05 5319 home setup

Mom looking up (in retrospect - at the shy little girl)

feb 05 5323 mom looking up

Mom and three hungry kids

feb 05 5328 mom 3 kids

Mom and three hungry kids

feb 05 5338 mom 3 kids

Mom and three hungry kids

feb 05 5344 mom 3 kids

Mom and three hungry kids

feb 05 5346 mom 3 kids

Mom looking

feb 05 5316 mom looking

Mom looking up - so I looked up and saw the 4th kid. I assume a shy little girl - named her Susan. She is watching her weight and is not as big as the 3 boys

feb 05 5348 mom looking

Bebe and one of the kids

feb 05 5356 mom kid

Bebe (mom) and the 3 kids

feb 05 5361 mom 3 kids

Bebe and the boys

feb 05 5365 bebe boys

Mom and the boys

feb 05 5368 mom boys

The shy little girl in the tree (Susan)

feb 05 5370 shy susan in tree

Shy Susan - next to her birth home. Pleasant memories

feb 05 5372 shy susan

Shy baby

feb 05 5377 shy baby

Shy raccoon

feb 05 5382 shy raccoon

Shy raccoon

feb 05 5388 shy raccoon

Climbing down for breakfast

feb 05 5396 4 climbing down

Walking back the blue heron was just waking up. Here taking off

feb 05 5405 blue heron takeoff

Flying blue heron at sunrise

feb 05 5406 flying blue heron

Blue heron in flight

feb 05 5407 blue heron flight

Blue heron looking

feb 05 5413 blue heron looking

Blue heron takeoff (again)

feb 05 5415 blue heron takeoff

Blue heron in flight

feb 05 5416 blue heron flight

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