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Feb 03, 2015: Fluorescence and Thomisus and Argiope

Joseph Koh suggested I look for fluorescence in Thomisids - building on known fluorescence in scorpions. So to night I went looking for crab spiders - and found a few. The first was not properly oriented so I kept looking and found this one.

feb 03 0804 thomisus guangxicus

In 365 nm UV light - the legs and cephalothorax fluoresce. Fuzzy images because the camera is hand held. ISO 2000, f2.8, 1/30 sec. Not bad for my first try.

feb 03 0769 thomisus guangxicus fluoresence

She does not like the UV and walks away

feb 03 0816 thomisus fluorescence

Adjacent was Argiope aemula and surprise, her cephalothorax appears to fluoresce . She is vertically oriented and there is a male on the other side

feb 03 0820 argiope aemula head fluoresence

Here is the male (top) and female (bottom)

feb 03 0830 argiope aemula mating

The barbell structures, I believe are his sperm-filled palps

feb 03 0833 argiope mating palps

One last look. I'll return tonight and try for more stable images. Maybe purchase a small tripod.

feb 03 0838 argiope mating

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