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December 16, 2016: Everglades National Park

A wonderful morning - Sherlyn's idea before returning to Singapore. We drove to the Gulf Coast entrance of Everglades National Park - and went with Valerie and Mike Berget on their boat to see the dolphins and birds. An amazing morning.

Here is a pelican as we left the dock

dec 12 5816 pelican

Another view

dec 12 5819 pelican

An Osprey resting on a water marker

dec 12 5828 osprey

Nearby - several dolphins. I need more practice to catch these guys before they jump

dec 12 5857 two dolphins

Another Osprey

dec 12 5891 osprey

Flying away

dec 12 5901 osprey

Maybe hunting

dec 12 5902 osprey

Osprey and her nest

dec 12 5904 osprey sign

Flying Osprey

dec 12 5907 osprey

A group of flying pelicans

dec 12 5977 flying pelicans

Pelican family in flight

dec 12 5986 flying pelicans

Flying pelican

dec 12 6033 pelicans

A family of pelicans - I suppose resting after their long migratory flight

dec 12 6058 pelicans


dec 12 6075 pelicans

Sherlyn watching

dec 12 6159 sherlyn

Sherlyn watching - we had a great time photographing the birds

dec 12 6161 sherlyn

New bird for me

dec 12 6173 three birds

Two Dolphins

dec 12 6200 two dolphins


dec 12 6212 dolphin


dec 12 6252 osprey

Pelicans and Ibis

dec 12 6299 pelican ibis

An eagle on an oyster shell island

dec 12 6336 eagle

Eagle carrying lunch

dec 12 6367 single leg holding eagle

Eagle carrying lunch

dec 12 6370 single leg holding eagle

Holding lunch with both feet

dec 12 6386 two legs holding eagle

Flying away

dec 12 6392 two legs holding eagle

Pelican talking to me

dec 12 6422 open mouth pelican

Thoughtful pelican as we returned

dec 12 6422 thoughtful pelican

Yawning pelican - A fun trip for all of us

dec 12 6422 yawning pelican

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