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August 29, 2016: Early morning at Queensway Sec School

I went out about 5 am to look for Oxyopes guarding nests and perhaps your spiders. I found a female (below) and a male (spooked him before I could get a photo

A yellow something. I frequently see these moth-like insects but yet to identify

aug 29 1520 yellow something

Female Oxyopes

aug 29 1522 female oxyopes

Juvenile Thomisus guangxicus trying to hide behind one of the yellow petals. Note her green color - below is an adult that has fully adapted to the color of the petals

aug 29 1525 thomisus guangxicus scale

A closer view

aug 29 1529 thomisus guangxicus

A colorful butterfly

aug 29 1535 butterfly

There was a small something on this blade of grass - that disappeared but I liked the twist and lighting of this blade of grass

aug 29 1536 blade of grass

Two mating moths - with a mite on the left antenna of the upper moth

aug 29 1543 mating moths

A closer view of the mite on the left antenna

aug 29 1546 moth antenna something

Parawixia sp. wrapping a black beetle

aug 29 1555 parawixia wrapping

A different view - note the globules of glue on the wrapping silk. Also seen is a cluster of 4 eyes

aug 29 1556 parawixia wrapping

Wrapping the beetle with glue laden silk

aug 29 1560 parawixia beetle

A white moth with extended proboscis

aug 29 1566 white moth proboscis

A white moth with retracted proboscis

aug 29 1567 coiled proboscis

A colorful fly

aug 29 1574 irridescent fly

Tiger moth

aug 29 1577 tiger moth

ANother colorful butterfly

aug 29 1585 butterfly

Crab spider, Thomisus guangxicus adapting the colors of the flower

aug 29 1591 thomisus guangxicus open arms camouflage

Hover fly harvesting pollen

aug 29 1601 hoverfly

Hover fly

aug 29 1605 hoverfly

Close view of the hover fly

aug 29 1608 hoverfly

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