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August 14, 2016: Triple Creek Nature Preserve

Returned to Triple Creek Nature Preserve to look for Peucetia viridans an Oxyopid

Here is the huge web of Argiope aurantia, Dorsal view of stabilimenta

aug 14 1036 argiope web

Eyes of Argiope aurantia

aug 14 1038 argiope eyes

Wide angle view of A. aurantia

aug 14 1053 argiope web wide angle

Wide angle view

aug 14 1054 argiope web wide angle

Revealing the huge web

aug 14 1056 argiope web huge

Male and female Nephila clavipes

aug 14 1059 male female nephila clavipes

Female N. clavipes and golden silk

aug 14 1064 female nephila clavipes

Gasteracantha crancriformis Dorsal view

aug 14 1081 female anterior gasteracantha

Gasteracantha crancriformis posterio view

aug 14 1093 female posterior gasteracantha

Male and female N. Clavipes

aug 14 1106 nephila male female sky

Golden silk

aug 14 1108 nephila male female

Basilica Mecynogea lemniscata web

aug 14 1134 basilica web

Peucetia viridans on a daisy

aug 14 1137  male peucetia viridans

Face of Peucetia viridans

aug 14 1152  male peucetia viridans

Argiope aurantia and breakfast

aug 14 1181 argiope aurantia breakfast

Colorful kadydid

aug 14 1204 kadydid

Dorsal view of A. aurantia and stabilimenta

aug 14 1207 argiope aurantia

Male P. viridans

aug 14 1209 male peucetia viridans

Face of a male P. viridans

aug 14 1211 peucetia viridans

Stink bug

aug 14 1218 stink bug


aug 14 1223 gecko

Plant hopper

aug 14 1227plant hopper

Female N. clavipes

aug 14 1244 female nephila clavipes

Male injectors - N. clavipes

aug 14 1249 male injectors nephila clavipes

Orientation of male and female - a safe distance

aug 14 1256 male female nephila clavipes

Mecaphesa celer

aug 14 1264 mecaphesa celer

Face of Mecaphesa celer

aug 14 1269 mecaphesa celer

Colorful Kadydid

aug 14 1286 colorful kadydid

Male N. clavipes

aug 14 1289 male nephila clavipes

Male and female N. clavipes

aug 14 1299 male female nephila clavipes

Male peucetia viridans

aug 14 1303 peucetia viridans

Face of a male Peucetia viridans

aug 14 1310 peucetia viridans

dorsal view

aug 14 1315 peucetia viridans dorsal lateral

face of a new crab spider, Mecaphesa sp>

aug 14 1324 new crab mecaphesa sp

Crab spider M. sp.

aug 14 1332 mecaphesa sp

Crab spider M. sp.

aug 14 1333 mecaphesa sp

Face of my new crab spider Mecaphesa sp.

aug 14 1335 mecaphesa sp

Plant hopper

aug 14 1330 plant hopper

A fascinating insect - my first encounter with Alaus oculatus Eyed Elater

aug 14 1345 pseudo eye beetle

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