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August 11, 2016: Nephila clavipes and Argiope aurantia mating

I've returned from BugShot Peru - and learned about wide angle macrophotography. Here are some mushrooms and an attempt at wide angle macro. I like the presentation

Roseate spoonbille and Ibis

aug 11 0733 roseate spoonbill ibis

Roseate Spoonbill

aug 11 0736 roseate spoonbill

Roseate spoonbille and Ibis

aug 11 0758 roseate spoonbill ibis

Morning mist at Triple Creek Nature Preserve

aug 11 0834 morning mist

Web web of Leucauge venusta

aug 11 0840 wet leucauge web

Wet web with Leucauge venusta at home

aug 11 0845 wet web with leucauge

Web of Neoscona sp maybe

aug 11 0851 wet parawixia web

Nephila clavipes wet web. Note the cluster of 3 more or less circumferential elements

aug 11 0857 wet nephila web

Another view

aug 11 0858 wet nephila web

Another view

aug 11 0859 wet nephila web

Lateral view of Nephila clavipes and her golden silk

aug 11 0882 nephila web

aug 11 0903 nephila web

Leucauge venusta web

aug 11 0924 leucauge web

Argiope aurantia megaweb - > 1 meter diameter - with regularly spaced circumferential elements: Regular spacing of circumferential elements - ventral view

aug 11 0936 1 meter ventral argiope web regular spacing

Dorsal view of web and Argiope aurantia

aug 11 0941 1 meter dorsal argiope web regular spacing

Male (lower left) and female Argiope aurantia

aug 11 0947 male female argiope aurantia

Male Argiope aurantia

aug 11 0961 male argiope aurantia

female Nephila clavipes

aug 11 0964 female nephila

Male Nephila clavipes highlighting injectors

aug 11 0972 male nephila injectors

Male and female Nephila clavipes

aug 11 0992 female male nephila

Male Nephila clavipes

aug 11 1001 male nephila

Argiope aurantia and breakfast

aug 11 1005 lateral argiope breakfast

Dorsal view of Argiope aurantia

aug 11 1019 dorsal argiope tangle

another view

aug 11 1020 dorsal argiope

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