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April 28, 2016: Susan and Grumpy come for breakfast

Setup and arrival of Susan

The Joys of Honeydew Melon for Breakfast

This morning I brought cut fruit. Publix is having a buy 1 get one free sale and Jay (my brother-in-law) decided the free one was for the raccoon family. Does Susan like fresh fruit? - seems yes. At 3 min, she grabs a piece of honeydew melon - then returns and seems to enjoy honeydew melon more than watermelon (Repost with Music by Josh )

Posted by Frank Starmer on Thursday, April 28, 2016

Susan and Grumpy

apr 28 1073 brother sister

Susan eating honeydew melon

apr 28 1090 eating honeydew melon

Watching Susan enjoy the melon

Taking a piece of watermelon, retreats and her Brother approaches and quietly growls

Posted by Frank Starmer on Thursday, April 28, 2016

Grumpy drinking water

apr 28 1123 drinking water

On the alert

apr 28 1129 alert

Grumpy eating ordinary breakfast, Susan enjoying melon

Walking back - our friendly Great Blue Heron was waiting for a sequence of photos. Early morning, and pretty good focus

apr 28 1144 great blue heron


apr 28 1145 great blue heron

Leaving a trail of water

apr 28 1146 great blue heron

In flight

apr 28 1147 great blue heron

apr 28 1148 great blue heron

apr 28 1149 great blue heron

apr 28 1150 great blue heron

apr 28 1151 great blue heron

apr 28 1153 great blue heron

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