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April 26, 2016: Susan alones


apr 26 0987 setup

Setting up - she sniffs my new LED light

Susan comes unaccompanied

This morning, Susan came alone. She approached me from behind (not from the forest bordering the lake. When anyone came along the path, she retreated behind the tree on the right - instead of back into the forest. As with Sunday - she climbed the tree stump and inspected my LED light. She was in no hurry as she ate about half her breakfast bowl. She departed to somewhere behind me - supposedly another one of her homes.

Posted by Frank Starmer on Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Susan on the alert

apr 26 0991 alert


apr 26 0994 eating

Susan sitting

apr 26 0998 susan sitting

Susan drinking

apr 26 1010 susan drinking

Morning Limpkin

apr 26 1034 limpkin

April 27, 2016: All for kids appear as a group

Before setting up - they were waiting for me - and at my feet sniffing around

apr 24 1035 before setup

After setup

apr 24 1036 after setup

Noisy eating

Looking for leftovers -

April 9 was the last time the 4 kids came as a group. I arrived at 5:45 and they were waiting for me and I finally managed to get everything set up. There were sniffing all around my carry bag - I suppose a bit anxious to get on with breakfast. They finished at 6am - probably a fast breakfast for them

Posted by Frank Starmer on Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Four hungry kids

apr 24 1041 four hungry kids

Three hungry kids

apr 24 1049 three hungry kids

apr 24 1059 looking for leftovers

A duck family

apr 27 7843 duck family

Imprinting 101 - follow the leader

The duck family with new ducklings and mom carefully watching

Posted by Frank Starmer on Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Papa duck

apr 27 7853 papa duck

Mom and her chicks

apr 27 7873 mama chicks

apr 27 7877 mama chicks

apr 27 7884 mama chicks

apr 27 7887 mama chicks

apr 27 7891 mama chicks

Mama and her chicks

apr 27 7901 mama chicks

Ibis landing

apr 27 7907 ibis

Ibis posing

apr 27 7926 ibis

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