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April 20, 2016: Three Raccoons, moon and herons

This morning - they were waiting for me - on a nearby tree

apr 23 0773 raccoon tree

Climbing down

apr 23 0775 raccoon tree climbing down

Approaching me

apr 23 0776 raccoon approaching

Before setting up Bebe's cafe

apr 23 0781 before setup

Watching me set up, checking out my new light and eating

Tres Amigos

This morning 2 were waiting for me on a tree behind the path and another came from the forest. They approached me, then watched me set up and inspected my light. They arrived at 5:50am and departed at 6:15. They were fun this morning

Posted by Frank Starmer on Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hungry raccoons

apr 23 8520 hungry raccoons

Hungry raccoons

apr 23 8523 hungry raccoons

Three hungry raccoons

apr 23 0785 3 hungry raccoons

Standing up

apr 23 0797 standing up

Standing up

apr 23 0807 standing up

Alert - who is coming?

apr 23 0810 alert

Drinking water

apr 23 0822 drinking

Two raccoons eating

apr 23 0835 two raccoons

Drinking water

apr 23 0841 drinking

Finish breakfast

apr 23 0851 finish breakfast


apr 23 0852 departing

Almost full moon - reflections on the lake

apr 23 0860 moon reflection

Great blue heron

apr 23 0863 great blue heron

Tricolor heron

apr 23 086 tricolor heron

Tricolor Heron and plume

apr 23 0891 tricolor heron plume

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