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April 20, 2016: Raccoons, Irridescent hoverflies and herons

This week, 1 raccoon on Monday, 2 raccoons on Tuesday and 3 raccoons today - big surprise. Here is Mondays adventure, April 18 - Susan alone

Susan's arrival with Alexia's Waltz

I was about to give up. I decided that after a week of nothing - the family members had gone their separate ways. I set up the camera about 5:45 and started my hour wait - and at 6:10 Susan appeared - quite timid - more so than when she was with her brothers or mom. I was happy - so now what happens tomorrow? Music by Josh from Greedyman Productions

A short summary of following Bebe and her kids. I've been following them every day except Thanksgiving - waiting at least an hour. When they appear, I post photos and a video of that day's adventure. Nov 11 - I first encountered the family living in a tree (recently blown down by a storm). I watched her enter and exit her tree home and starting making videos. I placed a breakfast bowl at the base of the tree - and after a few long waits (1 hour) she took a cue from my appearance and came to breakfast within 5 min of my arrival Dec 26 - She moved the kids to a new home deeper in the forest. She continued to come (alone) for breakfast until Jan 30. I assume she was still nursing her kids during this interval Jan 30 - her first appearance with the kids and the beginning of erratic appearance schedule - 2 - 3 times/week with all 4 kids. March 19 - She continued to come with the 4 kids (only 2 exceptions) for breakfast through March 19 - and then something changed. March 31 - only 2 kid appeared April 3,4,5 - kids came alone and were a bit shy. April 6 - Mom (Bebe) appeared with another large raccoon. I assume her new boyfriend - and she aggressively chased the kids away. This, in retrospect, was probably kicking them out of the nest - tough love!! April 10 - kids did not appear until today - April 18 - when Susan, the small girl kit - appeared along and quite shy.

Posted by Frank Starmer on Monday, April 18, 2016

Tuesday, April 19, Susan and Billy

Billy and his sister for breakfast

Billy and his sister, Susan, appeared as soon as I showed up. They were not at all timid - here are the sounds of two happy raccoons

Posted by Frank Starmer on Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Today (Wednesday, April 20), Susan, Billy and grumpy Peter

Then Billy was curious about my light setup

3 Curious Raccoons

This morning, Billy decided to explore my new lighting arrangement - Susan and Peter were busy eating - then drinking and washing hands. More new behavior.

Posted by Frank Starmer on Wednesday, April 20, 2016

And departure

A quiet departure

Here they finish breakfast - something catches their attention and they depart back into the forest

Posted by Frank Starmer on Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Blue heron

apr 20 6800 blue heron

Iridescent Hoverfly

apr 20 6843 iridescent hoverfly

Irridescent Hoverfly

apr 20 6882 iridescent hoverfly

Iridescent Hoverfly

apr 20 6916 iridescent hoverfly

White Ibis

apr 20 6947 white ibis

Blue Heron

apr 20 6984 blue heron

Blue Heron

apr 20 7094 blue heron

Walking home, I encountered a few more iridescent hoverflies

apr 20 7109 iridescent hoverfly

Another iridescent hoverfly

apr 20 7112 iridescent hoverfly

Gorgious little blue heron - look at the blue beak

apr 20 7148 little blue heron

Little blue heron

apr 20 7202 little blue heron

A little blue heron flew over a golf cart

apr 20 7204 one flew over the golf cart

Little blue heron

apr 20 7215 little blue heron

Little blue heron

apr 20 7233 little blue heron

Snowy egret

apr 20 7255 snowy egret

Snowy egret flying

apr 20 7256 snowy egret flying

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