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April 06, 2015: Dolomedes tenebrosus and Lyssomanes viridis

This morning (5am) was quite productive. I was looking for Lyssomanes viridis and could not find any. Below are what I did find until I started home (about 7am) - then I found one and she was quite cooperative. At home I noted that her medial eyes are sometimes dark and sometimes display other patterns - which I think is full or partial view of her retina - depending on where she steers her retina.

Neoscona crucifera and breakfast

apr 08 6187 neoscona breakfast

Neoscona crucifera and breakfast

apr 08 6188 neoscona breakfast

Some sort of flying insect with feather-like antennae

apr 08 6208 flying insect

apr 08 6213 flying insect

Katydid, I think

apr 08 6237 katydid

Yellow Ladybug

apr 08 6242 yellow ladybug

Yellow Ladybug

apr 08 6254 yellow ladybug

Unknown spider

apr 08 6273 scaled spider

Colorful caterpillar

apr 08 6276 caterpillar

Colorful caterpillar

apr 08 6277 caterpillar

Now for what I call retinal patterns in her medial eyes

apr 08 6288 retinal patterns

Here from the side, there is a dark region to the left of her medial eye and below her upper eye - that is possibly her retina

apr 08 6294 retinal outline

apr 08 6295 lyssomanes retina in head

Another view

apr 08 6295 retinal outline lyssomanes

apr 08 6301 lyssomanes partial retina

apr 08 6302 lyssomanes partial retina

apr 08 6307 lyssomanes partial retina

apr 08 6312 lyssomanes retina

apr 08 6315 lyssomanes eyes

apr 08 6320 lyssomanes eyes

apr 08 6326 lyssomanes head

apr 08 6333 lyssomanes dorsal

apr 08 6348 lyssomanes partial bilateral retina

apr 08 6366 lyssomanes no retina

apr 08 6370 lyssomanes viridis retina

No retinal image

apr 08 lyssomanes no retina

Fuzzy moon

apr 08 6380 moon

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