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April 7, 2016: Three kids - reasonably well behaved

A mistake photo. Had the camera set on Aperature mode - but I like it

apr 07 9810 aperature mistake

Susan and 2 brothers appeared this morning.

Today, I am trying different lighting. I felt the CREE light was too harsh. I'm using an LED array which has a softer...

Posted by Frank Starmer on Thursday, April 7, 2016

Waiting for me

apr 07 9813 waiting for me

Bebe's cafe

apr 07 9817 bebes cafe

3 kids with Susan

apr 07 0925 3 kids with susan

Three hungry kids

apr 07 9837 3 hungry kids

From my phone - you hear the crunching sounds

From my phone - the sounds of raccoons eating :)

Posted by Frank Starmer on Thursday, April 7, 2016

Reaching for breakfast

apr 07 9846 reaching

Susan eating alone

apr 07 9878 susan eating alone

Drinking water

apr 07 9899 drinking

Drinking water

apr 07 9911 drinking


apr 07 9925 departing

After breakfast

apr 07 9928 after breakfast

Walking back - our favorite blue heron

apr 07 9931 morning blue heron

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