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April 1, 2016: Blue Heron and Egret fishing

The raccoons did not show up this morning - so I experimented with video of a Leucauge venusta weaving a horizontal web. Not very successful. Walking back, I saw a flock of white egrets and a blue heron fishing

apr 01 8793 birds fishing

So I watched them fish - here a Blue heron fishing

apr 01 8880 blue heron fishing


apr 01 8852 blue heron fishing

Blue heron with a fish for breakfast

apr 01 8814 blue heron fish

Blue heron with fish

apr 01 8816 blue heron fish

I managed to spook her and off she flew

apr 01 8981 blue heron flying

Snowy egret fishing

apr 01 9058 snowy egret head underwater

Snowy egret catching a fish

apr 01 9039 snowy egret catching fish

Catching a fish

apr 01 9029 snowy egret catching fish

Egret with fish for breakfast

apr 01 9029 snowy egret catching fish

Egret with breakfast fish

apr 01 9030 snowy egret fish

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