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Sept 27, 2008:Snorkeling at White Sands

After arriving, Lina, Florence, Irawan, Jumary and Aznon suggested a snorkeling trip to White Sand. this seemed like a good idea. During this part of the year, if the sea is calm, the water is quite clear. However if there are strong winds, then the water is cloudy and the snorkeling not so good. I wanted to go to Mapur tomorrow and this would be a test of water conditions. I was not disappointed

Here is a clamb - these guys have very many different colors

sep 26 1771 clam

Here is a coral with two clams in the center

sep 26 1776 clam coral

A greenish something

sep 26 1798 greenish something

A blueish something

sep 26 1802 blue something

And many clown fish - with different types of anemone

sep 26 1809 clown

I happened upon a trap with many coral fish inside. I hope that they will be freed

sep 26 1821 trapped

The trap

sep 26 1828 trap

Nice coral

sep 26 1834 big ball

Yellow and purple coral

sep 26 1836 pretty coral

Not many fish around - probably the result of over fishing the area. But each time I return there are a few more it seems

sep 26 1840 coral fish

Two Nemo fish

sep 26 1846 2 clowns

Brain coral

sep 26 1859 brain coral

Two large clown fish with two different types of anemone

sep 26 1896 clowns

Two clowns again

sep 26 1898 2 clowns

A closer look (at me)

sep 26 1907 clown face

Many clown fish

sep 26 1908 clowns

And a baby clown fish

sep 26 1914 baby clown

Swimming around

sep 26 1916 clowns

Two larger clown fish

sep 26 1931 2 clowns

And another trap

sep 26 1951 trapped

Wow - an aqua-colored clam

sep 26 1959 blue clam

A ball of something

sep 26 1963 yellow something

And another something

sep 26 1966 yellow something

Two clowns

sep 26 1977 2 close clowns


sep 26 1987 asnan

and Jumary

sep 26 1988 other guy

and the west side of the beach of White Sand Island

sep 26 1990 white sand island

Another view

sep 26 1991 white sand island

The southern tip of White Sand Island

sep 26 2000 white sand island

We stopped new here for look at different coral. The greens are quite vivid

sep 26 2003 green coral

The color variation is dramatic

sep 26 2007 colorful coral

a sea urchin and yellow and staghorn coral

sep 26 2020 urchin coral

Many fish

sep 26 2029 many fish

A few fish

sep 26 2038 many fish

More small schools of fish

sep 26 2044 many fish

A coral fish

sep 26 2051 fish

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