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October 20, 2007:Miagrammopes, Nephila and Leucauge

Larry (ShutterbugL from Flickr) and I (from Flickr) arranged to visit my spider observatory this morning about 7am. My plan was to locate Miagrammopes and set up a video camera, turn it on and then take my still camera and look. Well I could not find any Miagrammopes and suddenly it started pouring rain. We visited my favorite hawker center, had coffee and by 9, the rain stopped. When we returned, I found the Miagrammopes set up the video camera - and then looked for other interesting spider / insects.

oct 20 0661 video setup miagrammopes

Some water drops after the rain

oct 20 0776 droplet oct 20 0782 droplet

Another drop

oct 20 0794 droplet

Two ants doing something

oct 20 0809 two ants

A Miagrammopes riding her single web strand that is attached to the grass stalk

oct 20 7415 miagrammopes grass strand

Here she is, in her spider configuration, attaching the single web strand to the stalk of grass

oct 20 7426 miagrammopes spider

Looking closely, you can see her eyes and the separation between her cephalothroax and abdomen

oct 20 7426 miagrammopes spider closer

Here she is in her camouflage twig configuration

oct 20 7435 miagrammopes twig

A good view of the single silk strand - which she rides until an insect collides with it

oct 20 7449 single strand

Another view of her patiently waiting. Note the silk ball about 1/3rd to the left of her front legs

oct 20 7463 silk balls

Here she is increasing the tension of her strand by pulling in silk and making a silk ball. Her silk is call cribellar silk and consists of individual unorganized strands.

oct 20 0715 silk ball

Here you can see a small tangle of silk held by her 2nd pair of front legs

oct 20 0727 2nd leg silk mgt

No spider venture is complete without photos of my first encounter, Nephila

oct 20 7466 nephila ventral

From the side

oct 20 7478 nephila side

Here you can see her exoskeleton to the lower left - a remnant of a recent molt

oct 20 7481 nephila exoskeleton

Leucauge who weave horizontal webs

oct 20 7490 leucauge

Interesting curved hairs near near the junction between her abdomen and cephalothorax

oct 20 7504 leucauge hair

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