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October 18, 2007:Miagrammopes and Nephila

I casually visited my spider place, thinking not much would be there. I was not disappointed. I found only a single Nephila but, surprise, there were 2 or perhaps 3 miagrammopes

oct 18 0413 miagrammopes

Here is a better presentation. You can clearly identify the silk strand

oct 18 0412 miagrammopes

Here is a view - rolling a ball of spider silk - or how to control tension in her web?

oct 18 0473 blur silk ball

At first I thought this was a super long Miagrammopes but after review of the digital image, I think that this is two. Are they mating?

oct 18 0420 miagrammopes two

Here is a view from the other side. Clearly, there is a single strand holding them up

oct 18 0481 2 miagrammopes

Blurred 2 legs managing a single strand

oct 18 0479 blur single strand

Nearby, a small Nephila was busy weaving her web

oct 18 0413 nephila weaving

more weaving

oct 18 0435 nephila weaving

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