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Nov 22, 2008: Garden Tomb, communion and an afternoon off

This was to be an exciting day - a visit to the Garden Tomb followed by Communion and then time off.

nov 22 3116 description

Describing Golgotha

nov 22 3113 describing golgotha


nov 22 3117 golgotha

Here is the plan of the tomb: a door leading into a weeping chamber and a large tomb area on one side - with one finished burial place and a unfinished burial place.

nov 22 3133 tomb plan

Ellen in front of the burial chamber - with some inscriptions on the back wall

nov 22 3135 ellen tomb cross

A clearer view of the inscriptions

nov 22 3143 tomb

Ellen outside the tomb door

nov 22 3150 ellen tomb

and beside a quiet reminder that He is risen

nov 22 3192 ellen risen

We moved to a quiet place in the garden for communion. Here are the communion cups, perhaps from olive wood?

nov 22 3153 communion cups

Stephen serving bread and wine

nov 22 3155 communion

CC receiving the bread and cup of wine

nov 22 3157 cc communion


nov 22 3159 stephen singing

All around us was natural beauty - these interesting pinkish flowers

nov 22 3172 tomb flowers


nov 22 3184 tomb pansy

Warm purble colors

nov 22 3123 tomb flower

as well as pure white

nov 22 3125 tomb white flower

A white rose

nov 22 3131 white rose

Next we made our way through the bazaar - to this small Austrian cafe. Passing the fruits and stuff - too much before lunch

nov 22 3202 fruit


nov 22 3204 bread


nov 22 3220 veges

and people

nov 22 3227 people stalls

and more people

nov 22 3244 people

The Austrian Cafe

nov 22 3252 austrian cafe


nov 22 3258 austrian lunch

Rooftop garden

nov 22 3260 roof garden

The street from the cafe

nov 22 3261 austrian cafe street

Then we started out way back to the hotel to collapse. A local hawker - preparing some sort of barbeque something

nov 22 3268 hawker

The barbeque something - happening

nov 22 3269 cooking

An arch and people

nov 22 3275 arch

Arches within arches

nov 22 3276 double arch

Dark arches

nov 22 3277 bean arches

Cooking at the bazaar entrance

nov 22 3299 cooking

Preparing corn

nov 22 3300 corn on cob

More cooking - this time in the middle of the street

nov 22 3305 cooking

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