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November 21, 2009: Bintan Agro Sunrise

Everyday starts with a transition from night to day. Life is interesting during periods of transition - and sunrise is one of those interesting intervals. No sun but interesting clouds

nov 21 0292 sunrise

Then a chance meeting with Mr. Ansar Ahmad, Chief of Regent for Bingtan

nov 21 0308 ansar ahmad chief of regent

Then an omlette - and the omlette man

nov 21 0309 omlette man

The ingredients

nov 21 0313 omlette ingredients

The performance

nov 21 0314 omlette fire

Add eggs

nov 21 0318 add eggs


nov 21 0319 stir


nov 21 0322 roll

Pick up

nov 21 0332 pickup

and plate

nov 21 0333 plate

and a smile from a perfect exercise

nov 21 0334 smile

Then a visit to the lotus pond

nov 21 0338 morning lotus

Blue lotus

nov 21 0339 morning blue lotus

Color burst

nov 21 0355 lotus colors

Blue lotus

nov 21 0359 blue lotus

Morning sun on the blossom - Attached to the stem on the left is a dragonfly nymph

nov 21 0373 blue solitude

A pink lotus pair

nov 21 0378 blue lotus pair

A bee searching for a way to the core of the lotus blossom. What follows are many images that illustrating the searching and eventual success in pulling one petal away from the core

nov 21 0382 lotus bee nov 21 0386 lotus bee

Bee searching while a hopper looks from a safe distance. You can see that the hopper has been busy eating the white petals

nov 21 0394 bee lotus

A background blue lotus

nov 21 0401 morrning lotus light

Hopper watching the bee (hidden)

nov 21 0402 morning white lotus


nov 21 0425 bee hunting nov 21 0428 bee hunting


nov 21 0477 bee hunting nov 21 0508 bee hunting


nov 21 0511 bee hunting nov 21 0512 bee hunting


nov 21 0520 bee looking nov 21 0525 bee open lotus

Pulling a petal (see the space compared with the left photo?

nov 21 0528 bee open lotus nov 21 0530 bee open lotus

Success - he enters and extracts and exits

nov 21 0532 bee open lotus nov 21 0547 bee lotus

Unsatisfied - he continues to search

nov 21 0549 bee lotus nov 21 0408 blue lotus

A tiger skipper on a lotus bud

nov 21 0559 skipper lotus bud

Another view

nov 21 0565 skipper bud

Two blossoms

nov 21 0597 2 blue lotus


nov 21 0610 white stamen

A green grasshopper

nov 21 0616 ghopper

Green grasshopeer

nov 21 0626 ghopper

Lonely white lotus

nov 21 0632 white lotus

Unfolding blue - the insect on the right of the stem is a dragonfly nymph (I think)

nov 21 0638 blue lotus bug

On the otherhand, maybe its not a dragonfly nymph - but an interesting bug

nov 21 0638 bug

Dragonfly after having emerged from the nymph exuvia

nov 21 0648 dfly dinner

Closer view of the dragonfly hanging on to the nymph exuvia

nov 21 0662 dfly dinner

I think these are two dragonfly nymphs - post escape, i.e. 2 exuvia

nov 21 0669 2 bugs

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