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Nov 21, 2008: All around the old city

Everywhere we went, there was the presence of security forces

nov 21 2842 security

I don't know the name of this flower, but I liked its structure. Moreover, I had not seen a spider and needed a bit of hand-held macro practice

nov 21 2883 flower

A woman and an alley. These are for Rachel - who likes photos of quiet streets and alleys

nov 21 2894 alley woman

Alley #2

nov 21 2898 alley

Alley #3

nov 21 2901 alley

Alley #4. If you look carefully you can see a guy with a board on his head - this is the empty bread delivery vehicle

nov 21 2909 alley

Fresh bread - hand delivered - the bread delivery vehicle at work

nov 21 2911 fresh bread

Alley #5

nov 21 2922 alley

Alley #6

nov 21 2928 alley

And among all the streets and alleys - joyful music in a minor key. We learned while we lived in Greece that minor music was not necessarily mornful.

nov 21 2929 music

A church

nov 21 2958 alley church

Arch to the Upper Room

nov 21 2959 arch to upper room

Upper Room

nov 21 2984 upper room

Spotlight on Jerusalem

nov 21 2989 spotlight city


nov 21 2992 caiphos cock


nov 21 2993 fiddler


nov 21 3008 city

Caiphus Prison (Ceiling hole)

nov 21 3013 caiphus prison ceiling hole


nov 21 3016 caiphos mosaic

Mt. of Olives

nov 21 3021 mt olives

Russian Orthodox Domes

nov 21 3035 wall ru orthodox

Mt. of Olives Cemetary

nov 21 3042 mt olive cemetary

Sunset and the Dome

nov 21 3062 sunset dome

Ellen at Gethsemine

nov 21 3067 ellen gethsemine

All Nations' Church

nov 21 3103 all nations church


nov 21 3088 all nations alter


nov 21 3089 inside all nations church

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