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November 20, 2011:A Half Hearted Damselfly at the Singapore Botanic Garden

This was a fun morning. Off to the Singapore Botanic Garden - and the lotus pond where dragonflies and damselflies tend to congregate. A pink lotus core

nov 20 4972 lotus core

Pink Lotus

nov 20 4977 pink lotus

Another view

nov 20 4979 pink lotus

A white flower (with a crab spider crawling around)

nov 20 4982 white flower

The crab spider

nov 20 4984 crab spider

A bee

nov 20 4987 fly

Crane fly Gonomyia

nov 20 4996 crane fly

Side view of a female (?) Gonomyia

nov 20 5002 crane fly

I am playing with flash and altering the white balance to reduce the harsh colors seen with flash - female Gonomyia

nov 20 5010 crane fly

A damselfly in the usual configuration

nov 20 5015 damselfly

From behind

nov 20 5027 behind damselfly

This guy (a male) was sitting on the tip of this something - and then started flexing his thorax - as if preparing for mating - Up

nov 20 5047 damselfly gynmastics

Down in the half heart configuration. When damselflies mate, they form an inverted heart

nov 20 5048 damselfly gynmastics

Here is the mating position - seen last March 12 at the same place. Note the inverted heart formed by the coupled male (left) and female (right)

march 12 9662 damselflies mating

Return to the standard rest position

nov 20 5058 damselfly

Another damselfly with the sun behind me

nov 20 5065 damselfly

The same damselfly with the sun before me - a nice silhouette - can easily see the open mouth

nov 20 5066 damselfly silhouette


nov 20 5111 heliconia

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