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November 20, 2007: An Australian Adventure: Taronga Zoo

This morning we took a water tour of the harbor and then to Taronga Zoo. Along the way, we passed the ScholarShip - a wonderful experiment with learning.

nov 20 3622 scholarship

And another example of reflections for my study

nov 20 3637 reflections

The Sydney Opera House

nov 20 3650 sydney operahouse

and Sydney Skyline

nov 20 3652 sydney skyline

The skyline from the Taronga Zoo

nov 20 3666 skyline from zoo

The cable car to the Zoo

nov 20 3674 primary object

Looking back from the cable car

nov 20 3675 from cable car

Ellen in wild Australia

nov 20 3690 ellen wild australia

Reflection of a peacock

nov 20 3704 peacock reflection

The head of a peacock

nov 20 3720 peacock head

A white flower

nov 20 3737 white flower

And 3 giraffes

nov 20 3761 giraffe

Reflecting on Ellen

nov 20 3796 ellen reflection

Reflecting on Frank

nov 20 3798 frank reflecton

A view of the opera house

nov 20 3806 operahouse bridge

and the opera house and the bridge

nov 20 3808 operahouse bridges

An elephant

nov 20 3816 elephant

And a pretty flower

nov 20 3834 unknown flower

A surprise - male and female Argiope trifasciata with what appears to be an egg sac

nov 20 3859 argiope dorasl male

Male and female Argiope trifasciata from the side

nov 20 3868 male female argiope side

From a distance

nov 20 3869 argiope

from above and on the male ventral side and female dorsal side

nov 20 3879 argiope female dorsal male ventral

Meanwhile, back at the Botanic Garden - I tried to get better photos of the Nephila plumipes cluster. Unfortunately, the sun was high and lighting was quite poor (overdone).

nov 20 4092 male female nephila

Here is the cluster. I thought Nephila plumipes were quite territorial - but there must have been 20 - 30 females in this web cluster

nov 20 4097 many nephila

Here I have circled the more obvious females

nov 20 4100 many nephila marked

And nearby was a tree filled with hanging bats

nov 20 4133 bat hanging

Without a tripod, the focus was not great (or rather my shaking excessively)

nov 20 4137 big bat

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