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November 19, 2007: An Australian Adventure: Royal Botanic Garden

Another day, another presentation of our hotel's reflection

nov 19 3355 hotel reflection

The monorail track - a great way to get around Sydney

nov 19 3363 monorail

Approaching Monorail car

nov 19 3364 monorail approaching

The Sydney Tower

nov 19 3368 sydney tower

Rules of engagement: How to use the garden

nov 19 3382 tower sign

Overlooking the expressway, on our way to the Royal Botanic Garden

nov 19 3390 sydney expressway

Inside the garden - blue flowers

nov 19 3399 blue flowers

and Nephila plumipes) - Male (out of focus above) and the dominant female below - and of course, golden silk

nov 19 3414 male female nephila

An idea of the size scale - dominant female, tiny male above her and a web, approximately 2 meters in diameter

nov 19 3417 nephila web

The Sydney Opera House

nov 19 3426 operahouse botanic

A bottle tree (something quite new for me) and the opera house

nov 19 3438 bottle tree operahouse

All you wanted to know about a Bottle Tree

nov 19 3442 bottle tree sign

The Sydney skyline from the Royal Botanic Garden

nov 19 3445 sydney skyline

Four trumpets at attention

nov 19 3466 4 trumpets

Four trumpets playing

nov 19 3470 4 trumpets up

The Sydney Opera House

nov 19 3478 operahouse

Another view with the bridge

nov 19 3489 operahouse bridge

The Sydney skyline

nov 19 3499 sydney skyline

A closer view of the Sydney Opera House - an aggregation of solid sectors of a sphere

nov 19 3503 operahouse

Return to our male and female Nephila plumipes

nov 19 3517 nephila

Better focus of the female at the expense of a blurred male

nov 19 3518 nephila

A sharper image of the male (above) and female Nephila plumipes

nov 19 3529 male female nephila

A yellow flower

nov 19 3533 yellow flower

A lily

nov 19 3541 lily

And a frank reflection with interesting distortions

nov 19 3554 frank reflection

Closer by the Royal Botanic Garden is the Art Museum - here is Ellen looking and comparing two paintings

nov 19 3571 ellen looking

Sculpture and mimicing the position

nov 19 3576 real mimic

A French Anatomy lesson

nov 19 3584 anatomy lesson

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