Photo Adventures with Curiosity and Learning

November 19, 2006: Visiting a village

Early Sunday morning, George had organized a visit to a local village to give us a new cultural experience - seeing village life up close and personal. Accompanied with little George and Maria - we were set for a perfect day - unable to see 10 meters in front ofus

nov 19 0092 walking to minibus

On the way to the village, George's cerebral GPS failed and here our driver is asking for direction - in the middle of the highway. Very little traffic at this time and it was impossible to see anyway

nov 19 0101 way 2 village

We arrived at the village - and turned left

nov 19 0105 village

and alighted - to see a small rural enclave

nov 19 0115 village

There was a small school and here is where the girls lived - nice and neat

nov 19 0123 girls room

and the boys room - not so neat and squeaky clean

nov 19 0125 boys room

Outside the boys room - a view of the top of the village

nov 19 0126 from roof

Then we wandered around a bit - and found this young lady preparing lunch. To her left is a handle for opening and closing the bellows - to control the cooking fire

nov 19 0127 bellows

and here, stirring her super-soup

nov 19 0129 stirring

Then we found a small garden- with cabbage

nov 19 0140 cabbage

corn stored on the root

nov 19 0144 corn

and the garden in front of the local tea room

nov 19 0145 garden

With George - Maria (front right) and Ellen behind Maria

nov 19 0146 tea

Then class

nov 19 0148 class

With Frank and Ellen talking and Maria translating

nov 19 0151 frank ellen

and everywhere we found onforgetable smiles

nov 19 0155 smiles

Then George said a few words

nov 19 0161 george

often with his hands

nov 19 0162 george

Then off to lunch - down the road. Another adventure with multimodal transportation

nov 19 0167 to lunch

Our lunch cafe (outside)

nov 19 0170 cafe

and inside

nov 19 0171 cafe

George reading the menu

nov 19 0177 george menu

and preparing the list for our lunch

nov 19 0176 take order

But curious Frank - is distracted by the availability of the kitchen

nov 19 0179 kitchen

and the chef's family

nov 19 0181 cafe family

and the raw material- wonderfully fresh vegetables

nov 19 0184 ingredients

and some cooking

nov 19 0189 cooking

Then little George, big George and Maria - talking with hands, just like big George

nov 19 0194 george george maria

then arrives the first of maybe 8 courses

nov 19 0197 serving

which we enjoyed

nov 19 0199 eating

my plate - small, with rib bones - after eating the ribs

nov 19 0203 my plate

and prawns

nov 19 0206 prawns

and more eating

nov 19 0209 eating

Maria and I took a break and visited the garden behind the cafe

nov 19 0215 garden

a field

nov 19 0216 field

and in the background, a hot house for winter growing

nov 19 0218 hot house

Finally lunch is over

nov 19 0220 lunch ends

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