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November 7, 2008: A day at Duke-NUS

For whatever reason, Friday at Duke-NUS is dress-down Friday. It brings a short casual atmosphere to a typically charged and energic work place. I usually arrive between 7:15 and 7:30 and the only folks there are Belinda and Mimi. Today I took my camera, just to capture the wake-up faces of our group in Block 3 (and a few others).

Why do this? Duke-NUS is really a special place to work and learn. Smiles everywhere and its one of the few places I've worked in the world where smiles are endemic. Call this a study of Duke-NUS smiles.

Belinda's place is usually my first stop each morning. This morning, she was clearly not prepared for an early morning photo - but here she is

nov 07 dsc 0021

A variant

nov 07 dsc 0022

This is Evelyn - with her own smile. Evelyn is an artist in hiding. She did the first graphics of our Watch us Grow. She transformed plain-jane black/white graphs into something quite colorful.

nov 07 dsc 0023

Walking from Block 1 to Block 3 is sometimes quite interesting. I think this is the car of one of our staff

nov 07 dsc 0024

This is our peopleless work area where we explore and develop new tools for enabling better and more fun learning

nov 07 dsc 0025

This is where my team lives - minus Walter, Leslie, Erna and Ning

nov 07 dsc 0026

This is to avoid confusion. Our team is so friendly, they are often confused with HR and Finance - who try to out-smile us

nov 07 dsc 0027

This is where Sam sits (back) and where Martha and Nintendo (Urgent care) sometimes live

nov 07 dsc 0029

This is Mimi - usually beats me to work before 7:30

nov 07 dsc 0030

This is Eron waking up

nov 07 dsc 0031

Mimi liked my smile - so here we are

nov 07 dsc 0032

and Eron a few minutes later - after waking up

nov 07 dsc 0034

This is Raphael - who really is an early bird - usually 7am or before, and always with a smile

nov 07 dsc 0035

Alina - a member of Corinna's team

nov 07 dsc 0036

Corinna popped into my space - curious about all the flashes - check out this smile

nov 07 dsc 0037

Li Fook and Tony - our architects that make things happen

nov 07 dsc 0038

Me, Matthew and Tony

nov 07 dsc 0050

Matthew and his smile which is continuous. Only continuous smile I've observed at Duke-NUS

nov 07 dsc 0051

Eunice is a pianist in disguise when not smiling at Duke-NUS

nov 07 dsc 0053

Corinna in her home

nov 07 dsc 0055

Lay Peng waking up

nov 07 dsc 0056

Lay Peng after waking, with smile

nov 07 dsc 0057

Kok Eng - 1st office - who is the chief smile manager for HR

nov 07 dsc 0058

Sandrine - part of Tony and Li Fook's team. Her smile is what I would call a quiet smile that speaks gently

nov 07 dsc 0059

Martha -- who manages me

nov 07 dsc 0060

Mei Leng - waking up

nov 07 dsc 0061

Christine - fully awake

nov 07 dsc 0062

Stage 2 of Mei Leng's wakeup. Mei Leng follow's Elizabeth Kubler-Ross's path from initiating event to acceptance. This is part of the denial phase

nov 07 dsc 0063

Stage 3 of Mei Leng's wakeup - this is a continuation of denial

nov 07 dsc 0064

and this is acceptance

nov 07 dsc 0065

This is Lai Ming with her calm smile. If there is a storm brewing - Lai Ming will calm you

nov 07 dsc 0066

Tony want's to make sure everyone sees his smile

nov 07 dsc 0070

Ignatius - I hope not a temp smile

nov 07 dsc 0071

Ying Ying - in stage one of wakeup - denial

nov 07 dsc 0072

Sam - hesitating

nov 07 dsc 0073

Josephine with an infectious smile

nov 07 dsc 0074

David and a partial smile

nov 07 dsc 0075

Erna - she is a virus in disguise and will infect you with her smile

nov 07 dsc 0076

Walter in denial

nov 07 dsc 0077

Walter seeking a 2nd opinion

nov 07 dsc 0079

Ying Ying - fully activated - two smiles

nov 07 dsc 0080

Walter, fully activated - mega smils

nov 07 dsc 0081

Pauline - another quiet smile that calms stormy waves

nov 07 dsc 0082

Ting Ting - who knows where I'm coming from and none-the-less, smiles

nov 07 dsc 0083

Ian - his smile and always anxious to help. He is a major enabler

nov 07 dsc 0084


nov 07 dsc 0085

Ning - who is full of dry humor - keeps our team energized with trying to figure out the humor part

nov 07 dsc 0086

Leslie - a smile and mega-enabler

nov 07 dsc 0087

Over to block 1 - where our learning enablers live: Sok Hong

nov 07 dsc 0089

Seya - without these two, my IMT sessions would be chaos

nov 07 dsc 0090


nov 07 dsc 0091

Fritzie and her infectious smile

nov 07 dsc 0092

Hui Min - Hui Min was one of our first to travel the troubled waters between Block 3 and Block 1. She has grown up with us since the beginning and now we can't live without her

nov 07 dsc 0093

Kakak - of our cleaning staff

nov 07 dsc 0094

With Hui Min

nov 07 dsc 0095

Kelvin - who was among our first - manages the practice program for our 1st year learners

nov 07 dsc 0097

Geok Hong in denial

nov 07 dsc 0101

Partial acceptance

nov 07 dsc 0102

We have a Nintendo Wii - mostly to explore positional and tactile feedback as used in the gaming world. There are a couple of medical games - Urgent Care. Before you can do any game - you must play Urgent Care and complete a follow-up form. It actually works. Here is lunch time distraction.

nov 07 dsc 0103

See - it really is a medical game

nov 07 dsc 0104

Our support team

nov 07 dsc 0106

Team 2:

nov 07 dsc 0111

It really is lunch time - and Mei Leng and a group are off to Mr. Song's for Lime Juice and yummies

nov 07 dsc 0112

Back to work - making the new building work

nov 07 dsc 0116

Li Fook - trying Live View option on my camera - Lai Ming and myself

nov 07 dsc 0117

The stuff of our new facility

nov 07 dsc 0118

Demonstrating live view for macro photos

nov 07 dsc 0119

Exploring the world of signage

nov 07 dsc 0122

My place - mostly a whiteboard and lots of macro photos of spiders

nov 07 dsc 0125

Pat Casey (an invader from Block 5) and his team with Li Fook

nov 07 dsc 0126


nov 07 dsc 0127

Esther - Ranga's PA - in her surprise smile configuration

nov 07 dsc 0128

Esther in her composed smile configuration

nov 07 dsc 0129


nov 07 dsc 0130

And our head cheerleader, Ranga

nov 07 dsc 0131

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