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May 28, 2009: Singapore Botanic Garden by night

Larry suggested we visit the Singapore Botanic Garden for a night photo shoot. So off we went. Michael had found a secluded pont where there were lots of dragonflys - so that is where we started. We were not disappointed. There is a small pond with frogs and lotus plants. Here is a little toad on a lotus plant leaf

may 28 6949 frog

And another toad on a lilypad. Look at the toes and fingers

may 28 6951 frog side

Here is another

may 28 6962 frog side

Here is one of the lotus blossoms

may 28 6967 night lotus

When I got home, I found that there was a small tadpole beside the frog - so the beginning and end of metamorphosis

may 28 6968 frog tadpole

Reflections of the frog

may 28 6971 frog reflection

A frog on the stem of a lotus blossom

may 28 6973 frog stem

then for mom - some pinkish lotus flowers

may 28 6978 night lotus

From a different view

may 28 6983 night lotus

This little guy was just looking up

may 28 6989 frog eyes

And they guy was looking at me

may 28 6990 frog eyes

This guy was far away and I managed to get my camera to water level

may 28 7001 frog lilypad

Here is an upsidedown praying mantis

may 28 7011 mantis

Now the dragonflys - sleeping

may 28 7099 dfly

A closer view - you can see the mosaic of its compound eyes

may 28 7117 dfly head

Two dragonflys

may 28 7123 2 dflys

Another view

may 28 7137 2 dflys

The best composition of these two dragon flys and a fern stem

may 28 7150 2dflys

A something - I don't think its a spider

may 28 7156 something

A St. Andrews Cross (Argyope) spider

may 28 7158 st andrews cross

Eyes of a dragonfly

may 28 7193 dfly eyes

In the takeoff position

may 28 7193 dfly flight

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