Photo Adventures with Curiosity and Learning

May 20, 2010:Images via Monet Transform

These photos were filtered by Dynamic Auto-Painter using the Monet protocol. I have gained some new insights about composition that I feel help me make better photos. We'll see.

Water drops at my hotel - Ao Nang Terrace

apr 15 4583 elephant drops DAP Monet

This is the beach at Ao Nang Thailand

may 14 18.23.36 DAP Monet

Lookint South along the deserted beach

may 14 18.23.44 DAP Monet

This is Knem - who manages this place. She cut my hair

may 14 20.41.18 DAP Monet

This is Noi who works with Knem

may 14 4571 DAP Monet

I rented a long tail boat for 1/2 day and visited the islands

may 15 5120 camel clouds DAP Monet

Snorkelling was not an option due to these large jellyfish

may 15 5093 jellyfish sharp DAP Monet

Island clouds

may 15 5150 island clouds DAP Monet

A rust colored island

may 15 5172 rust island DAP Monet

An empty beach

may 15 5198 rock beach DAP Monet

Chimney rock

may 15 5224 chimney rock DAP Monet

The lady at the Ao Nang Terrace

may 15 5275 spa lady DAP Monet

Noi at Italian restaurant

may 16 Noi

Noi dreaming

may 15 4577 noi DAP Monet

And these photos were from my US trip - here a condensation vortex on takeoff form Changi

apr 01 1240 vortex dissipation close DAP Monet

In Charleston, rainbow row

apr 03 1640 rainbow row DAP Monet

Church Steeple

apr 03 1642 church steeple DAP Monet

Dock St Theater

apr 03 1680 dock st theater DAP Monet

Jack and Jacob preparing to fly their plane

apr 05 2377 prep DAP Monet


apr 10 3431 moonrise big DAP Monet

Mating damselflies

apr 17 4693 mating damselflies DAP Monet

Mating Damselflies

apr 17 4709 mating damselflies DAP Monet

Morning Mist

apr 19 4894 morning mist DAP Monet

Green spiral

apr 19 4958 green spiral DAP Monet

Hiding spider

apr 19 5059 spider hiding DAP Monet

Daisy Drop

apr 19 5139 daisy drop DAP Monet

Great white egret

apr 19 5175 great white egret legs DAP Monet


apr 20 5824 squirrel DAP Monet

Powerline perspective

apr 21 5920 perspective DAP Monet

Water lily reflection

apr 21 6046 lily reflection DAP Monet

Sandhill Crane

apr 21 6303 sandhill crane DAP Monet

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