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June 26, 2011:Sunrise and Tonle Sap Lake

I got up early this morning - and decided to walk to the main road. Don't know why as every morning since we arrived has been overcast. But this morning was different - a red hue to the east suggesting a visible sunrise. Here along Treak Road are flooded rice fields - dawn

jun 26 9587 dawn rice fields

Then left - up along the Buddhist temple and to the left - and there was sunrise

jun 26 9590 sunrise

Nice reflections

jun 26 9594 sunrise


jun 26 9606 sunrise

A sort of kiddy carriage

jun 26 9617 kiddy carriage

An unusual street light

jun 26 9620 street light

Morning meal

jun 26 9641 morning meal

A duck farm - Chhoy says there are 4000 ducks here

jun 26 9654 duck farm

Chhoy watering his garden

jun 26 9679 chhoy watering

Walking back to the water pool

jun 26 9682 chhoy watering

Walking to the garden

jun 26 9684 chhoy to garden

A morning Chhoy

jun 26 9692 chhoy

Chhoy's daughter and wife

jun 26 9699 chhoy daughter wife

Morning smiles - it seems like Cambodia is continuously infected with huge smiles and happiness. A difficult life for sure - but so many smiles makes me want to cross infect the US with Cambodian smiles

jun 26 9709 morning smiles

Another smile

jun 26 9716 morning smile

A partial smile

jun 26 9725 motorcycle for 2

Smiles, waves and laughing

jun 26 9732 motorcycle for 4

A bicycle for two

jun 26 9740 bicycle for two

An amazing smile

jun 26 9749 smiling girls

Ellen and her Kindle

jun 26 9751 ellens kindle

A smile lost in a sea of color

jun 26 9754 colorful girl

These smiles are definitely not lost

jun 26 9756 morning girls

A serious smile

jun 26 9763 lone rider

Happy smiles and talking

jun 26 9765 girls talking

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