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June 19, 2010: Snorkelling at White Sand

How wwe got there - We drove up the road to a small beach that was immune to the tidal variations - then by boat to White Sand Island


jun 19 08.58.13 jack

Jack and Lina

jun 19 2085 lina jack


jun 19 2093 lina

Trikora Beach

jun 19 2095 trikora beach

Boats from Bintan Agro - White Sand Island in the distance

jun 19 2096 trikora beach)boats

First dive - more white anemone

jun 19 2113 white anenome

Coiled something

jun 19 2114 coiled coral

I see different color variants of this coral - white, green etc - but I have yet to identify it

jun 19 2119 white coral

WHite soft coral and a sea urchin

jun 19 2133 white coral sea urchin

Cream colored Acropora - and two small yellow fish

jun 19 2139 yellow fish acrapora

I see this frequently but don't know its name

jun 19 2160 honeycomb coral

Pink or Purple?

jun 19 2162 purple coral

Little yellow fish

jun 19 2166 yellow fish


jun 19 2171 featherworm

Purple tipped Sebae anemone (Heteractis crispa and mom and Nemo

jun 19 2177 mom nemo

Acropora and a little yellow fish

jun 19 2187 yellow fish

Tanish coral patterns


jun 19 2206 white coral

Yellow soft coral

jun 19 2211 yellow coral

Yellow fish and a clown to the right in a bed of white anemone

jun 19 2215 yellow fish clown

White anemone

jun 19 2220 white anemone


jun 19 2229 clownfish

Hiding clown

jun 19 2234 clown

Two clowns in a sea of white

jun 19 2247 two clowns

Carpet anemone - home of two black clown fish Amphiprion clarkii jun 19 2252 black clown anemone

Two of the clownfish that stay around this anemone (I assume a carpet anemone

jun 19 2253 black clown

Anemone with a red basement membrane

jun 19 2280 clown anemone membrane

Another view

jun 19 2281 clown anemone

Orange and green coral + Acropora

jun 19 2285 orange coral

Looking over acropora

jun 19 2293 acropora

White soft coral

jun 19 2296 white shape

A different kind of white coral

jun 19 2297 white coral

Pink and white patterns

jun 19 2301 pink coral

Tan - Green patterns

jun 19 2319 green tan pin coral

Cream acropora and yellow fish

jun 19 2344 acropora yellow fish

Two clowns + baby (lower middle) in white anemone

jun 19 2373 two clowns

Jack and Jumari

jun 19 2378 jack jumari

Jack resting (or something) - white sand beach of White Sand Island to the left

jun 19 2382 jack

Next I found a hermit crab - look at the eyes

jun 19 2411 hermit eyes

Here is a better view of the shell inhabited by the hermit crab

jun 19 2417 hermit eyes

Staghorn forest

jun 19 2440 staghorn forest

Some sort of pink stuff

jun 19 2467 pink clam

Jumari and his reflection

jun 19 2485 jumari

Jumari thinking

jun 19 2492 jumari

Jumari smiling

jun 19 2494 jumari

Fishermen as we left. Note the rain shower in the background

jun 19 2501 fisherman

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