Photo Adventures with Curiosity and Learning

Here are photos of local flowers. What interests me is the spiral unfolding of their petals - Frangipani

jun 08 4877 spiral blossom

The spiral pentagon - starting to unwind

jun 08 4864 white yellowish

Another view

jun 08 4963 spiral blossom

Almost fully unwound

jun 08 4974 colorful white yellow pink

A day later (June 9)

jun 09 5064 morning flower spiral

Early morning

jun 09 5066 spiral flower

A cluster of Frangipanis

jun 10 5232 morning flowers

A purple flower (another pentagon)

jun 10 5238 purple flower

Red Hibiscus

jun 10 5240 red long stem

Pink Hibiscus

jun 10 5242 long stem

WOW - the transition from white to dark orange / brown?

jun 10 5248 orange center pistal

I think this is another type of Frangipani

jun 10 5266 2 white pink

A fully unfolded Frangipani

jun 10 5278 soft colors

Early unfolding of Frangipani

jun 10 5314 spiral flower

A pair of unfolding Frangipani

jun 10 5314 spiral flowers

The color variations of varieties of Frangipani

jun 10 5321 color variations

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