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February 25, 2008: Santiago Calatrava and his city

What a morning. This morning, Javier and his team provided an overview of their projects. I was pleased, particularly with Karen. She solved a problem with modeling pH effects of use-dependent agents that I gave up on. Catalina displayed work on her explorations of atrial activation and Lucia demonstrated a compelling examination of the relationship between dispersion of refractory properties and proarrhythmic potential. Conclusion - there is none. But, the good news is that her evaluation of the safety factor was highly correlated with proarrhythmic potential. All three impressed me with the quality of their analysis and approach to problem solving.

Here is an apple as we walked to the campus restuarant

feb 25 9695 apple

Then in the afternoon, after a delightful lunch, Chema, Karen, Ellen and I went for a visit the Santiago Calatrava's City of Art and Science.

feb 25 9706 science house

In a setting of apartment buildings. The sturctures, in my opinion, were is harmony with their surroundings.

feb 25 9707 apartments

Here is the science home - a sort of museum

feb 25 9708 science house

The reflecting pool and the building

feb 25 9714 science pool

Mirabai is a member of the opera orchestra. Here is the Opera House where she performs. Thursday evening we'll visit the Opera House, have something to eat and perhaps listen to the rehersal of the Marriage of Figaro

feb 25 9715 opera house

Can you guess what this is - its an IMAX theater

feb 25 9717 imax theater

with a bridge

feb 25 9720 imax bridge

Another view of the Science Museum

feb 25 9721 science house

This is the inside of the Science Museum. Cafe on the right, tables on the left and exhibits upstairs

feb 25 9729 science house

Inside, there is a balloon

feb 25 9730 balloon

A view of the ceiling with a small strand of DNA - for Josh. Can you find it?

feb 25 9731 ceiling

These interesting faces were aligned along the walkway

feb 25 9733 face

Outside - the IMAX theater and clouds

feb 25 9737 imax clouds

The IMAX and the Opera house

feb 25 9739 imax opera

And the Science museum

feb 25 9740 science

This is a very interesting walkway with interior garden

feb 25 9743 walk garden

The opera house looks like Darth Vader

feb 25 9745 opera darth vader

The walkway and the Opera House

feb 25 9745 walk opera

And just for me - bridge construction. Calatrava has designed a new bridge. At this point, only one of the support is installed. The other is on the ground waiting to be installed

feb 25 9746 construction

More of the construction site

feb 25 9748 bridge building

A crane - where is Manny?

feb 25 9749 crane

The base of the bridge

feb 25 9750 bridge base

A geometry lesson - a cone to the right and frustum of a cone on the left

feb 25 9757 walkway

I'm going to try to make a panorama from the following three photos - segment 1 (left)

feb 25 9758 opera 1

Middle segment

feb 25 9759 opera 2

Right segment

feb 25 9760 opera 2

Calatrava's small symphony

feb 25 9762 calatrava

Another view

feb 25 9763 art sci city

The opera house and the Imax theater

feb 25 9766 opera imax

Karen, Frank and Ellen

feb 25 9769 karen frank bean

the Opera House

feb 25 9771 opera house

City of Art and Science

feb 25 9774 sci city

A view of the the IMAX theater and reflecting pool

feb 25 9777 imax theater

The Opera House. If you get the idea that we are excited about seeing Mirabai and her new position - you're correct

feb 25 9778 opera house

Another view of the Imax

feb 25 9779 sci imax

Valence in the background

feb 25 9785 valencia

Ellen crossing a bridge

feb 25 9786 ellen bridge


feb 25 9788 reflections

Some metal sculpture

feb 25 9791 sculpture

And then Chema and Karen treated us to horchata - a specialty of the region. the chufa beans are on the plate. The hot-dog looking pastries are farton. Coffee later - cortado - was quite nice.

feb 25 9802 horchata chufa beans

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