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February 24, 2010: Politecnica and Calatrava

Off to work - a new multicolored building as you will see

feb 24 6742 UPV

As I walk toward the entrance

feb 24 6748 building

Inside are all my colleagues - Here Bea and Karen

feb 24 6767 bea karen

and Catalina

feb 24 6769 cata

And the guys - Bernabe and Pepe

feb 24 6774 guys

and Bea(2) and Pepe

feb 24 6776 bea2 and

The boss, Javier and me

feb 24 6780 javier frank

Lucia - who solves all my problems

feb 25 6992 lucia

Our work area

feb 24 6782 office

Bea(1)'s office - sort of through the looking glass

feb 24 6788 bea looking glass

Karen in her office

feb 24 6840 karen

And Chema - always on the move, this time to Hungary

feb 24 6842 chema

I found a path to the roof - and here are images of each of the multicolored segments of this building - Two women

feb 24 6794 2 women cropped

Two of the building segments

feb 24 6794 two women

The structure of each block is quite interesting. There are ordinary glass panels, but there is an additional panel of glass that is colored and has a pattern which you can see here

feb 24 6795 building

A red block

feb 24 6800 red bldg

A tan block with a printed circuit board pattern - with the processor made in Taiwan

feb 24 6813 tan bldg

A green block (green house?)

feb 24 6825 green bldg

Between two buildings

feb 24 6833 between 2 buildings

Another building - nondescript color

feb 24 6836 building

Walking across a glass bridge

feb 25 6996 glass house

Then an amazing lunch with Javier and Chema - sort of a lobster rice. For me, Valencia knows how to make rice. In Singapore, the Chinese make rice, of course, ordinary rice, chicken rice and the Indian's make beriani rice, but nothing compares with Valencian rice - so many different preparations.

feb 24 6845 seafood rice

Here she is preparing for each of us

feb 24 6850 preparing rice

Chema and Javier - at the start

feb 24 6851 chema javier

My rice and me

feb 24 6854 me and rice

Then a small diversion - the day was windy but mostly clear, so off to the City of Science to make photos of Calatrava's work. There is the opera house

feb 24 6868 opera sunset

Another presentation

feb 24 6872 opera evening


feb 24 6873 opera evening

Reflections of the day's last light

feb 24 6874 opera evening

Then looking over Calatrava's pools

-> feb 24 6876 calatrava pool

Something like a nose

feb 24 6877 calatrava nose

Calatrava's harp

feb 24 6878 calatrava harp

Looking back at the opera house

feb 24 6889 calatrava opera

Evening at the opera house

feb 24 6890 evening opera

Nemo's submarine

feb 24 6894 dusk calatrava

The harp (a cable stay bridge in disguise)

feb 24 6897 harp

Harp and Moon

feb 24 6901 harp

Looking up the vertical supports

feb 24 6906 harp

Looking up from the base of the cable supports

feb 24 6907 harp up

The sports palace and moon

feb 24 6909 sports shell

Another view of the sports palace

feb 24 6910 sports palace

Sunset over Calatrava's world

feb 24 6915 sunset over calatrava

Strings of the harp

feb 24 6929 harp strings

Looking up one of the cables - nice reflected light on the above cable housing

feb 24 6934 stay cable

Sports palace and Calatrava's harp

feb 24 6937 sports palace harp

City of Science at night

feb 24 6938 science city

City center at night

feb 24 6940 city center

Sunrise the following day

feb 25 6970 sunrise

Valencia sunrise with contrast manipulation

feb 25 6964 valencia sunrise darax2

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