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August 5, 2011:A surprise sunrise

During monsoon season, the temperature is moderate due to the heavy cloud cover. While in Hyderabad - no sunrise or sunset because of the cloud cover. This morning, I woke up and it was a bit brighter than usual so I grabbed my camera and went to find the sun - Dawn colors

aug 05 4241 dawn colors

Wakeup along the highway. The cloud colors were quite unusual

Morning riders

aug 05 4253 morning

Sunrise (close)

aug 05 4311 sunrise

Sunrise distand

aug 05 4319 sunrise

Sunrise using a neutral density filter to bring out the rice field I was standing by

aug 05 4323 sunrise

Morning colors

aug 05 4339 morning colors

Morning cow walk and rice-to-be-harvested

aug 05 4345 rice cow walking

Morning auto - always crowded

aug 05 4351 morning auto

Morning cows

aug 05 4391 rice cows

Multi-mode traffic

aug 05 4406 morning traffic

Morning cows

aug 05 4408 morning cows

New rice

aug 05 4419 new rice

Rice workers - with a freshly planted paddy behind

aug 05 4438 rice workers

Reflections (of a bath and shower)

aug 05 4441 reflections

These guys were bathing and smiling

aug 05 4444 rice field smile

Morning shower

aug 05 4450 morning shower

Water / shower place and newly planted rice

aug 05 4456 water rice


aug 05 4462 morning bath

Walking down the greenway

aug 05 4466 rice walk

A funny tiller

aug 05 4469 tiller

From the back

aug 05 4474 tiller

Hi from the passing bicycle

aug 05 4482 bike wave

Walking along the field

aug 05 4492 morning talk paddy field

A cow and cow tender

aug 05 4496 lady cow

End of dawn walk

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