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I was a resident of Singapore for 10 amazing years - as a faculty member at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School. Part of the challenge of my job was keeping up with tools that promote learning. This collection of photo essays is my learning laboratory. The target audience is my grandkids - though I doubt they follow these ramblings.

Why build a laboratory? My childish curiosity sort of died during primary school. Years later, I rediscovered my childish curiosity and the joy of learning. I am naive enough to think that if I can help re-ignite curiosity of others, then perhaps it will facilitate restoring the joy and fun of learning for all. Learning is critical for problem solving and at Duke-NUS, we are training problem solvers. Building web pages that are engaging and capture imagination helps to restore curiosity. Building web pages also keeps me up to date with new technologies.

Calatrava Science City, Valencia
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