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How did I become interested in spiders and macrophotography? The story starts in 2000 while working in Charleston SC. I walked to work each day and one morning, I discovered a large web of yellow silk in our garden, the web of Nephila clavipes. The next morning - I noted that she was repairing the right side of her web and the next morning, she was repairing the left side of here web. I thought, wow, complex behavior for such a small nervous system ( as revealed in Brain Decoder) I thought that capturing spider behavior with still images and videos would be fun. So I started. I transported my fascination of "small biology" - insects and spiders to my work at Duke-NUS in Singapore - wow - so many colorful insects and spiders in SE Asia. I've not regretted this new fascination

Spiders and macrophotography became a passion. Add to that my boundless childless curiosity - and my life is simply fun - seeing what others do not see and capturing what I saw with a camera.

My childish curiosity has a life cycle - sort of died during primary school and years later, I rediscovered my childish curiosity and the joy of learning. I am naive enough to think that if I can help re-ignite curiosity of others, then perhaps it will facilitate restoring the joy and fun of learning for all.

Calatrava Science City, Valencia
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