Adventures in Paris and Roquebrun

Updated visit to Cazedarnes and Paris, 2002
Updated visit to Cazedarnes and Paris, 2004

Again Frank (FBPF) and Special Agent Bean, Master of Disguises, took a "vacation" to France. With digital camera in hand, FBPF took many pictures and when visiting select Internet Cafes/Drop points in Paris/Roquebrun (can you find Roquebrun on any map of France???), he would upload these images and send them to his home base. Some of the declassified pictures are are below. First, its necessary to show the Eiffel Tower - else no one would really believe that you went to Paris. But the real action was on a boat where some sort of behind-the-scenes something was taking place.

But here is a rather non-traditional image of the Tour Eiffel - from the roof of our flat - during the day, in order to locate critical landmarks, and at 11pm at night, holding the camera with only a hand - and using only available light. Fortunately the tower lights were blinking and I was able to synchronize the photo with the blinking lights. I have had considerable practice with this exercise - and it clearly demonstrate the utility of a digital camera, where there are no penalties for practice shots.

Next - how to find your way?

But while looking for the correct direrction, what to do about dinner? So, bread, of course, and bagette - (Pain Bagette - the first introduction to the French displeasure of with eating a bagette with pain: What is France without bread? So here are some interesting photos of local bread.

Below, of course, is a bread shop in disguise. Note carefully, the sign - PAIN TRADITIONNEL. This is typically Frence, to equate bread with PAIN. Sometimes, you found PAIN with Raisons. Sometimes, Pain with other stuff - but unfortunately, this has been classified. This kind of "pain", though, is quite pleasant - and with cheese, tomatoes, sausage, etc - it can be very very tasty

Next come the points of rendezvous - restaurants. Places where long meetings can happen - and of course, many other long things.

There is Music everywhere:

But to get to the music - its necessary to go to Monmartre - by Subway. Why? Simply because the best art gallery (except the Dali gallery) is the walk from the Metro to the street. And here is some of the art (unfortunately defaced by some that do not treasure this public display of work):

So - what happens next? We go home - along a quiet little street:

and prepare to go to Roquebrun (did you find it yet?) - but last, a view of our street, by day and by night (not so steady this time, with the camera).

But Roquebrun (have you found it yet) - as small, quiet and rests by the side of the river Orb (now can you find it) - about 20 km north of Beziers (now can you find it?). First Roquebrun and a view of the river Orb.

Then the village, from different perspectives

Here is the school and the door in our "bed and breakfast". I like this painting very much.

In Roquebrun, its possible to walk around the town and see many people and crowded streets - any time, day or night!

In Roquebrun, its possible to walk around the surrounding hills and never see anyone except some wild cherries and other nice fruits. We followed the map and verified it with the GPS tracks:

But at the end of a day - there is nothing like a glass of wine. Some take it from the tank while others take it from the bottle:

And so, here is goodbye from frank and bean - from Roquebrun, a new discovery for our team.

Copyright 2001 C. Frank Starmer