Frank in Chennai, Vellore and Valathi

This is how we got there - from Charleston to Frankfurt to Muscat to Madras (Chennai). Here are the flight tracks from our GPS.

In Muscat, we visited with Glen, Deborah and Alec - and went diving, of course. Here are the tracks to the dive site and the flight path of the inbound flight:

We took the train to Vellore and a car to Valathi - and here are the tracks:

In Valathi, I rode around on a 100 cc Suzuki with my GPS and mapped many of the project sites:

Here are some thumbnail files of days in India, Jan 2001

  • Underwater photos from Oman
  • Dec 28 - Jan 3: Oman with Glen and Deborah
  • Jan 4 Street scenes in Chennai (Madras)
  • Jan 5 Madras Club (making bread) and Kalyana Krishnan's Lab at IIT
  • Jan 6 More bread making and Chennai Street Scenes
  • Jan 7-9: Life with Betty Shelton at Valathi Outreach Church Ministries; VOCM
  • Jan 10-12: A visit to Christian Medical College, Vellore
  • Jan 13 A visit with Roop Singh Carr, SALT and Pongul starts
  • Jan 14 Raj and CTRM and a wedding feast (on a banana leaf
  • Jan 17 Shopping for fabric and a wedding
  • Jan 18 A SALT conference, and street scenes
  • Jan 20 Dr. Benjamin, CTRM, Street Cafe
  • Jan 21 Raj's new motorcycle and a study of SIGNS
  • Jan 22 Carpet shop, more street cafe kitchens
  • Jan 23 Flowers at the Madras Club
  • Jan 24-26: Biomedical Engineering Conference
  • Last Day: Conference, Betty Shelton, and fun

    Copyright C. Frank Starmer 2001