Cazedarnes, Spiders, Snails and Paris with Max, Trevor and Rachel
Frank's Home
France 2004
French Wildlife
Luxemburg Gardens
Pompidiu Centre
Spider Zoo
Paris - studies of people and other interesting objects

From our flat near Monmartre - an evening view of Tour Eiffel

Perhaps this sign reflects part of what Paris brings to the world

Simply photographing people in Paris is fun. Here, this young man seems to be exploring how to become one with himself while this young lady seems interested in making music with both her accordian and her eyes.

Walking around we encountered Ellen's favorite food, potatoes

There are parks and people everywhere and in these parks are interesting people:

Here is a horizontal man and a group of ladies - most with white tops and black bottoms

There is Sacre Coeur where the police escorted a possible pick-pocket from the church

There are artists of all kinds - a harp man, painter and sketch man

This automobile reflects a different sort of artistic urge

At the base of Sacre Coeur is a small merry-go-round

Then a church

And another park with a ping pong table

Two ladies engaged with intense conversation and Max walking

By metro, we returned to our flat - past the Moulin Rouge

And into the Paris night

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