Cazedarnes, Spiders, Snails and Paris with Max, Trevor and Rachel
Frank's Home
France 2004
French Wildlife
Luxemburg Gardens
Pompidiu Centre
Spider Zoo
Les Halles and Centre Pompidou: shops, cinema, art and school

Place Pigalle - you can see our 6th floor flat a little left of the flag

and some local sites: Sacre Coure

A Paris Street - I really like the hub and spoke design of Paris because you can never see open space at the end of a street. You always see some interesting building or park or something

And there are markets everywhere

And places to eat

Now the metro to Les Halles and the Pompidou Center

And the Pompidou Center - art and entertainment everywhere

Entertainment is everywhere - here in front of the Center




And at the Halles Shopping Mall, more than just shops. Classes for kids: Graphic arts and Drumming

Click for a video of the drumming lesson (15 Mb quicktime)

Interesting sculpture in courtyard of Les Halles

And more entertainment from a hippo as we walk back to the M4 Metro

We returned to our flat - and were greeted by a wall of grafitti

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