Cazedarnes, Spiders, Snails and Paris with Max, Trevor and Rachel
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France 2004
French Wildlife
Luxemburg Gardens
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Cazedarnes and Paris with Rachel, Trevor and Max

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How we got there: Below are the GPS tracks tracing the flight path the United flights from Charleston to Dulles, Dulles to Paris (UA 914 from IAD to CDG and UA 915 from CDG to IAD) and an Air France flight from Paris to Montpellier. Click for GPS tracks. In Paris, as we moved down the taxi-way on our way to Montpellier, we passed the new terminal building that clearly was terminal - with the midsection roof collapsed.

Trevor and Rach had rented a home in Cazedarnes. From here we explored the local area, as well as day trips to other interesting places. They purchased a prepaid phone card for us so that we could stay in touch while we were still in the US and they were in Cazedarnes. Knowning of my interest in cable stay bridges, Trevor and I tried to locate a recently completed cable stay near Millau. While we never quite found it, we did have a great time exploring everything else. Below are the links to the places we touched:

How we did it

Near our flat was a small Internet Cafe - and the very friendly manager (Maria - 16 Rue DePerre, 75009 Paris: Bien vemu chez Maria) greeted us each day with a smile and cup of coffee. We uploaded draft web pages then edited them and here they are.

internet cafe maria