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Visit Cazedarnes (2002)

Arriving at Montpellier airport, Trevor and I connected with our mobile phones - from one side of the airport to the other and then drove from Montpellier to Cazedarnes

We arrived at Charles De Gaulle airport and while waiting to change flights for Montpellier, I bought a prepaid SIM card for my mobile GSM phone for 30 euros. I phoned Trevor and wow, it worked the first time.

Here is Cazedarnes and our home

Cazedarnes is in the grape country and the village participates in the local appellation known as St. Chinian

The early morning and evening sun paints warm colors on the homes

There is a small small stream at the bottom of the hill - One day we had a very strong thunderstorm. Here is a contrast in reflections

Each morning, Trevor and I would drive to Cessenon for breakfast. There are two bakery shops (boulangerie) and we would order:

  • 3 baguettes
  • 2 pain aux raisin
  • 3 pain aux chocolate

Here is Max - he is 1 year old today and can say two words: up and look. He actually believes he can say many more words and carries on a great conversation, but the sounds seem always to be "up" or "look".

Here are the morning streets and a 1 person-wide alley in Cessenon

Walking to the supermarket

We explored many interesting places - and here is Vesoles - which we found while looking for the Millau viaduct. I have a huge curiosity about bridge construction now that we have a cable stay bridgeunder construction in Charleston. Freyssinet provided the team for full management of the cables.

and Rachel and Max walking by the lake

We went looking for the cable stay bridge near Millau but came up empty. We visited the river Orb in Cessenon and found a small suspension bridge - so this was my photo is my contribution to bridges this week

Here is the river Orb - where Trevor decided to relax

Just so that you have a comparison. Here are the gasoline prices, in euros. No, this is not /gallon, this is /liter. So with an exchange of 1 euro = $1.25, and approximately 4 liters/gallon, the cost is approximately $5.60 / gallon (and this does not even include the cost of currency conversion. I really got burned this year and changed $200 at Charles De Gaulle airport and the exchange was $1.36/euro. Next year, I shall prepay my Visa card and draw funds from an ATM machine and avoid this unpleasant surprise. (Gazol is diesel fuel).

Bye bye Cazedarnes until next year

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